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The Center for UNESCO of Catalonia was created in 1984 to contribute to opening up Catalan culture and language areas to international life, and to be as present as possible in UNESCO while bringing UNESCO’s values, projects and initiatives to Catalonia.
Thanks to the support of the founding foundations and its team, the Center for UNESCO of Catalonia grew until becoming a new international model of organisation that maintains official relations with UNESCO. The Catalan experience has been observed and copied by different countries, due the Center’s ability to develop UNESCO’s programmes as part of a joint initiative between Paris and Barcelona.
The work and the commitment of the Center for UNESCO of Catalonia with the international agenda has placed it in a prominent position and has led it to have a first-rate international recognition. In 1993, highlighting the work done by the Center so far, UNESCO recognized official relations with the Center. Likewise, in the field of the UN, the Center for UNESCO of Catalonia has special consultative status with ECOSOC since 2002, and maintains official relations with the DPI.